When looking for your recent mock-up requests of new swag items, you might not realize these images have their very own tab!

These mock-ups will fall under the tab "Proofs".

Follow the below steps to find exactly where these live: 

Step 1: Go to https://www.swagup.com/ and click Login

Step 2: When you first login, you will land on the home page shown below. Click on the tab that says "proofs" to see you newest mockups!

Step 3: You will be brought to your proofs, and prompted to review any new designs. "In Progress" means the team is working on your request. "Design Ready" means the proof has recently been uploaded and needs your attention.

Note: Approved means you liked what you saw and approved the image to move into the next stage of the process. When something shows as "Production Request" you know the team has been notified you approved the work and the design is being put on your swag items for production! 

And that's it! That's where you can find you design proofs within the SwagUp Platform :) 

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