If you have registered and signed into your SwagUp Platform you can easily follow the steps below to reorder any previous swag.

If you haven't set up your account previously or have issues logging in, contact team@swagup.com to help you get started.

Follow the steps below to reorder swag. If you need help making a few changes to your order email sales@swagup.com.

Step 1: Go to https://signin.swagup.com/ and login to your Dashboard

Step 2: Click on the inventory tab & find the swag you wish to reorder. Hover over the item to view the "reorder" button.

Step 3: Input your sizing breakdown (if applicable), select the shipping method then click the CONTINUE TO SHIPPING button.

Step 4: Select where you would like your items to go

Step 5: Input all of the recipients shipping information and then click the CONTINUE TO SHIPPING OPTIONS

Step 6: Verify the address then click USE SELECTED ADDRESS 

Step 7: Select the ship date you’d like your items to ship then click the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT button 

Step 8: Input your credit card info and hit the PLACE ORDER button

And woola! Your reorder has been placed

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