(To access the SwagUp Platform, simply log in with your SwagUp account.)

You can easily ship swag from inventory on the platform for items that are already produced. If your items are still in production they will not be available for shipping. You will be notified once the inventory is uploaded.

If you have inventory, you can simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to https://signin.swagup.com/and login to the Platform

Step 2: Click on the inventory tab. Here you will be able to see the inventory that is available for shipment. https://www.swagup.com/dashboard/inventory

Step 3: Click on "send swag" on the item you wish to send out. Keep in mind you can only send items that are available in inventory. It will prompt you to your shipping address book.

(💡 See how to add shipping contacts)

You can also add a contact if needed. If your address book is empty we suggest going to the shipments tab to upload your contacts.

You can send swag to multiple addresses, whether that's for your remote team spread across different cities in time zones, or to events at different locations across the globe.

To do this, you will need a contact person at each address and their respective information in the directory. You can then select all the contacts you wish to ship swag to and initiate the shipment process.

Want to send more than one pack to someone?

To send multiple packs to an individual, go into your Shipments tab and find the contact you want to send swag to. Hit the Send Swag button in that row. You will be taken to a new page where you can specify:

  • Shipping date

  • Delivery method (Standard, Overnight)

  • Swag Selection

Enter the number of swag packs you would like to send. Then hit Review Shipment to proceed. Please note you can only send multiple of the same swag pack at this time. If you want to send different swag packs to the same person, you will need to initiate this separately.

Step 4: Select your shipping date. You can use this option to either ship immediately or schedule your swag to ship at a later date.

Step 5: Choose your shipping method. Go with standard if you aren't in a rush (the estimated timeframe is 3-5 business days) or select overnight if you want your swag faster.

Step 6: Pay for the shipment. You can use any saved payment method you want or add a new one. If you have previously bought shipping credits in the SwagUp Platform, you will see your remaining balance in the upper right corner. Simply toggle the switch to choose to use your shipping credits for payment.

🎉 And that's it! Your order has been placed and you will receive a confirmation e-mail 

If you need any futher assistance shipping swag you can contact team@swagup.com.

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