The SwagUp App is your backend Shopify solution for branded merchandise and fulfillment. We help you design products, execute production, and warehouse all your merchandise. The SwagUp App allows you to manage your Shopify store with ease without having to use multiple apps for producing items and storage. We are your one-stop solution for producing branded merchandise, fulfillment, and warehousing.


  • Design creation of products

  • Create curated Packs or individual bulk items

  • Sourcing products

  • Production and vendor management

  • Quality control of products

  • Automated Warehouse + Fulfillment

  • Global shipping options

  • Dashboard to manage fulfillments, product orders, and inventory

  • Easily markup inventory products

  • Manage inventory in one spot!

  • Ensure your warehouse and Shopify inventory matches

  • Saves time & money!

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