The SwagUp App handles shipping for you which is sent directly from our warehouse. When an order is placed on your account it will automatically appear in the SwagUp App for it to be pulled from inventory. We offer global and domestic shipping options. If you need custom packaging you purchase it through the SwagUp dashboard. Delivery statuses will appear on both platforms for you to track.

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Additional features:

  • Automate marketing/ sales campaigns

  • Enhance campaigns with branded swag

  • Customize campaign experience

  • Elevate your marketing direct mail campaigns with ease

  • Design creation of branded swag

  • Sourcing branded swag products

  • Production and vendor management under one platform

  • Quality Assurance team to check product quality

  • Warehouse + Fulfillment

  • Global shipping options

  • Dashboard to manage fulfillments, product orders, and inventory

  • Manage inventory in one spot

  • Automate and scale marketing/sales campaigns

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