Can I use Swag Packs for products on Shopify?

SwagUp Help Desk Article for Shopify clients on how to use swag packs for Shopify stores. Swag Packs need to be a sku for store use.

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Yes! Packs follow the same logic as individual products on your Shopify store.

Follow the instructions to sync products:

Syncing your Inventory

Once you have connected the SwagUp platform to Shopify in the Integrations tab, you’ll want to start syncing your products to your Shopify storefront.

Navigate to the Inventory tab in the SwagUp platform

Scroll to the product card of the item you’d like to sync and click “connect” in the top right corner.

If you’re connected to the Shopify platform, you’ll have a green check on the following window:

Click the Shopify widget to proceed and you’ll see a screen that gives you the following options:

Connecting to an Existing Product

When you have an existing product listing in Shopify that you want to connect to a SwagUp product, you’ll need to connect the two.

In this example, we’ve selected an apparel item, a white polo.

After you’ve selected “Connect to existing products,” you’ll see a list of products in your Shopify store. You’ll need to select the product you’d like to connect. Most of the time, this will be 1:1 (white polo to white polo) but if you’d like to connect a SwagUp product to a non-SwagUp product (as a free gift, for example), you’ll do so here.

Notice that once we click the polo, it gives us a variety of selections with different sizes-you will have to connect apparel items size by size.

Let’s take a look at a non apparel item.

Once we select the Shopify product, you’ll then confirm the SwagUp variant.

Create a New Product

If you’d like to create a new product, you’ll select “create a new product.”

If you navigate to your Shopify storefront, the product will be synced within the next 5-10 minutes and your customers will be able to purchase it.

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