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An Introduction to Rippling
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What is it?

Rippling is an employee management system that works to connect all your key business systems and automates manual processes across the entire company, not just HR.

Let's hear it directly from their blog:

"IT manages employees’ access to business systems: who should get access to what and what policies or configurations should apply. This is the foundation of IT security and the cornerstone of IT professionals’ day-to-day work. But this is ultimately about who your employees are and what their role is in your company

HR owns the systems that track employee information such as roles, departments, managers, titles, compensation, and so on.

By creating an Employee Management System that sits underneath both HR and IT, Rippling gives you one place to manage all your key business systems, automate manual work, and save time.

For example, with Rippling:

You don’t have to manually add new hires to an email list—you can specify that “all support reps” should be added to
You don’t have to manually install Excel on employees’ computers—you can say that “everyone in Finance” gets this automatically.
You don’t have to create user accounts in Salesforce when a sales rep joins your company—you just tell Rippling that “all sales reps” get Salesforce
Then, when anything changes about an employee, all of your downstream business systems update as well."

What does Rippling offer:

  • Full U.S. Payroll and Internationalization

  • Integrations with 250+ Apps (Including SwagUp!)

  • HR Reporting Systems

  • Order, configure, and remotely manage employee computers

  • Benefits administration

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