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How does the SwagUp App on Rippling Work?
How does the SwagUp App on Rippling Work?
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Already have Rippling? You can integrate SwagUp with Rippling to automate swag ordering. Employees can easily get access to the software they need on day one.

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Getting started is easy!


Let's Take a Deeper Look:

From the Rippling App Store you can install SwagUp's App. It'll look something like this:


You'll have to connect Rippling to SwagUp and decide who is authorized to ship swag, where you want swag to ship and at what point in the onboarding process:


Once the app is installed and connected, you'll find our app in your Rippling Home Screen under "company apps"


Clicking into the app will take you to a general overview where you can manage your employees and who receives swag. Notice the filters for "employment status." You can add or remove filters as needed to organize your list of employees.


Clicking "order" will allow you to select the swag you want to send:


The SwagUp app on Rippling should automatically sync with your inventory on but you can sync it from the "settings" tab as well. You can also manage settings and update your credentials under this tab.


Need assistance with the SwagUp app on Rippling?

Rippling owns the app and therefore is the only team able to assist with questions or troubleshooting. You must contact Rippling Support for assistance.

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