How do SwagUp Redeem Pages Work?

SwagUp Redeem Pages help desk article help automate collecting information and using that data to automate shipments and swag orders.

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Redeem pages by SwagUp allow you to collect sizes, swag selection or addresses for recipients you plan to ship swag to. Your SwagUp Rep will help you define what information your recipients should require and will also assist in designing the redeem page.

We have two options for your redeem pages: Collection and Auto Ship

Collection pages allow you to gather sizes and the quantity of swag you will need for your use case prior to placing your order. This means that you will know what the size of your project is before making any commitments to exact sizing distributions or quantities. Once inventory is ready, you can select all of your collected contacts in the shipments tab for easy distribution.

Auto-ship pages allow you to send swag automatically once the page is filled out. You must have inventory and shipping credits to use the auto-ship pages. This option is excellent for clients who want a hands-off approach for their swag projects.

Looking for more information about our redeem pages? Here's an introductory video!

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