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How soon should I send a Redeem link to recipients?
How soon should I send a Redeem link to recipients?

For automatic swag shipments, share the redeem page link only after swag is available in your SwagUp Dashboard Inventory.

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In most use cases, we recommend sharing the redeem page link with recipients only after your swag is updated and available in the SwagUp Dashboard Inventory tab.

This is because one of the strongest benefits to using redeem pages is the ability to automatically create swag shipments with new entries.

However, if you do not have swag in inventory, shipments will not automatically be created. The information will still be recorded but because there is no swag in inventory a swag shipment will not be triggered.

Our clients generally pick one of two approaches when it comes to the timing of sharing the redeem page link:

  1. If you are using the SwagUp Redeem Pages to collect sizes for a swag order, we suggest sending the link in advance and noting in the messaging that the swag will come later! This is useful for our Collection redeem page

  2. If you are looking to have shipments sent automatically (an Auto Ship redeem page), we would suggest holding off on sending a link until inventory is available for you to have swag sent automatically.

Looking for more information about our redeem pages? Here's an introductory video!

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