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What is SwagUp?

SwagUp is A Swag Management Platform where you can create, automate and distribute swag without the headaches!

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SwagUp is a swag management platform where you can easily create, store, and distribute swag into meaningful experiences.

We offer high-quality swag items for you to select from and can even request our team to source some other items for you as well! Our team helps you each step of the way taking care of all the heavy lifting like design, assembly, storage, and shipping all managed in one dashboard!

Want to learn more? Book a demo with us! Navigate to and open the chat window to select the 'book a demo' button.

🌟 Here are some additional details:

  1. Professional in-house design team at your disposal - When you work with us, you have access to our design team 24/7. No need to bother your designers or provide print-ready files (what are vector files anyway?). We'll make it happen.Β 

  2. Curated Selection - Our Swag Experts are always on the hunt for the latest, highest quality, best value swag items that people will actually care to use. If you don't see what you are looking for, don't worry. We have thousand's more products available.

  3. Inventory Management - Your office is running out of space and you're tired of random employees coming in and taking sh*t! We get it, that's why we offer storage and inventory management from our own warehouses. We'll hold onto your stuff and give you and your team a clean and simple dashboard to see what you have and ship when needed.

  4. Swag Management Platform - As mentioned above, every one of our clients has access to our swag management platform. Say goodbye to the days of headaches you had dealing with that old swag vendor. Easily approve new designs, receive real-time quotes, place orders, monitor your inventory, place reorders, create shipments, view tracking information, etc. Oh...and did we mention it's completely free?

  5. Global Shipments - With companies opening up offices all around the world and remote work taking off, you need to be able to send swag to the most obscure places on earth...and by you, we mean us, because that's what we do, all day, everyday!

  6. Swag Shops - Find our app in Shopify App Store! SwagUp handles creating the products, storing, and shipping allowing you to manage your Shopify store with ease! You can easily sync your SwagUp product on your Shopify store!

  7. API & Integrations - If you really want to kick back and chill while we do all of the work, leverage our API and/or integrations to connect SwagUp into your workflows and automatically send swag on command (just imagine: swag automatically sent when an employee is marked as hired, a prospect is moved along the funnel, or a partner is closed)

More questions? Reach out via chat or call us at 646-494-0520

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