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SwagUp Shops FAQ

Most common questions about SwagUp Shops

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SwagUp is excited to announce powerful new capabilities that empower our Gold and Platinum customers to seamlessly sell branded swag directly within our user-friendly platform! Now, within the familiar SwagUp environment, clients can effortlessly set up and manage swag storefronts, and connect with a broader audience.

How Can I Setup my SwagUp Shop?

Head to the “Shops” tab where on the top right you will find a button to “Build Shop”. Click on that and you will be guided to the shop builder.

What types of items can I sell on my SwagUp Shop?

Any product that you have in your SwagUp inventory is eligible to be sold on your storefront. There are some shipping restrictions as perishable items cannot be shipped internationally.

Do I need a SwagUp Membership to Use Shop Feature?

Anyone is able to create a store and see what it can do. To set the feature live for sales, you must be a Gold or Platinum member with SwagUp.

Can I customize the look and feel of my shop on the SwagUp platform?

Yes! We’ve provided a beautiful theme that is super simple to tailor to your brand. You can easily control things like logos, colors, copy, and layout in our guided shop builder. When you create your storefront, you’ll be able to upload your logos, all copy and the theme.

How do I add my products to the shop?

Once your store has been created, you’ll be able to add products. Simply click “View Details,” go to the products sub-tab and click “add products”, From there you can select from the items in your inventory to be added.

Do I need to have inventory in order to sell in the shop?

Yes, SwagUp Shops operate off of inventory. You may show items currently out of stock, but we do not currently offer on demand production for shops.

What payment methods are supported for transactions on SwagUp Shops?

SwagUp accepts all major credit cards as well as shop credits (available for Platinum members).

How do I track sales and performance metrics on the SwagUp shops?

Your sales and performance metrics across all of your shops will be front and center on the stores tab. You can also see the performance of a specific shop by clicking into that shop via “View Details”.

What are the fees associated with the SwagUp Shop?

Use of SwagUp Shops is included at no additional cost for Gold and Platinum members. SwagUp takes a percentage of each transaction (8% for Platinum shops and 10% for Gold shops) to cover marginal costs such as credit card processing. We do not charge this fee on gift card/credit-based payments (available on Platinum shops only).

Aside from the cost of your membership, SwagUp will take a percentage of every purchase as a transaction fee. This percentage will be deducted from your total sales before being paid out to you. You can adjust the prices in your shop to offset these fees. taken from your total payouts.

How can I change the pricing of the items being sold on the shop?

By default, we autofill prices based on what we would charge for an order of 100 units. You have the flexibility to adjust the prices on your shop to whatever you’d like to either pass on costs, subsidize, or profit. You can change the price of an item in the products tab by clicking on the “Edit” button next to a product.

How do the payouts work in the shops?

Every payment we collect (minus sales tax and fees) will be paid back to your SwagUp account credit balance to be used for future orders, shipping, or storage. Payouts will accumulate from orders over a 7 day period. Once the 7 days are up, that payout will close and be remitted to your SwagUp credit balance within 3 days. You can see all of these details and payout dates in the “Payouts” tab within any shop.

How can I get additional support or assistance if I encounter issues on the Shops?

The shop creator will have the ability to contact SwagUp customer support if there are any questions or concerns. Your dedicated Account Executive is also trained to assist.

How will my shop customers get support?

As a shop creator, you will be able to provide a support email in the “Settings” section of your store. This email will be visible to shoppers to reach out for support. SwagUp does not currently offer direct support for end customers, but we can support you as the shop creator to resolve any issues or questions.

Will my shop customers have the ability to return items?

All items are made to order and cannot be returned. This includes any returns needed due to sizing related concerns. You may choose to send your customers a replacement at your own cost through the SwagUp platform.

Issues related to shipping or quality concerns brought to you as the shop creator and be raised with SwagUp’s customer service team or your dedicated account executive. You may view our full refund policy in detail here.

Can I gift credits to a customer’s account to use on swag?

Yes! When you add a customer to your storefront, you will be given the option to add a gift card balance to their profile. You may also add additional funds at any moment in the future.

How will taxes work for our Shop Customers?

SwagUp handles all sales tax management as part of hosting your shop so that you don't have to. We will collect sales tax when applicable from shop customers and remit to the relevant states directly through our entity.

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