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SwagUp Shipping Policy
SwagUp Shipping Policy
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Policy Overview

It is our goal at SwagUp to provide our customers with a seamless shipping experience. From the shipping methods we offer, the best rates available and the ability to manage your shipments using our dashboard, we strive to provide a best in class experience putting the swag you designed into the hands of your swag recipients.

SwagUp offers customers two selections for shipping speed when scheduling shipments via their dashboard. Carrier selection is done by default based on the best available rate for the size and weight of the package being sent. We are unable to adjust or select a preferred carrier. Shipments may be pre-scheduled but can only be fulfilled and shipped once the inventory becomes available. To that end, SwagUp is unable to guarantee deadlines or in-hands dates. Once a shipment is handed over to the carrier, SwagUp will not be able to provide any type of refund or credit related to delivery and transit times.

Scheduled shipments with available inventory will ship within 24 hours during business hours Monday through Friday except during peak season and on holidays at which point, shipments will be fulfilled within 48-72 business hours. The tracking of customer shipments will be made available via the dashboard and the movement of packages will be displayed once the carrier has picked up from our warehouse and the packages have been scanned in. This may take up to 24 hours for the tracking number to become available. Shipment cutoff time is 12pm EST daily M-F except on holidays. Shipments requested after 12pm EST will be processed the following business day. Shipments scheduled on Saturday and Sunday will be processed the following Monday.

SwagUp customers are ultimately responsible for monitoring scheduled shipments via their dashboard to ensure they are being delivered.

Address Corrections

For shipments en route - we will make every effort to update an address when requested, however these requests are not guaranteed. It is up to the carrier and if they are operationally able to make the change prior to the delivery of the shipment. All associated charges from a successful address correction will be billed back to the customer’s account. SwagUp customers are responsible for providing correct address information for shipments. SwagUp will not be liable for shipments sent to the wrong address or any upcharges related to changing an address. Please confirm that all SwagUp items including but not limited to swag packs were received by your intended recipients. If you discover that an intended recipient did not get their items due to a shipping error made by us, please notify us within 14 days after the expected delivery and we will remedy the situation.

International Shipments

SwagUp ships globally, but a few countries are restricted

SwagUp prides itself on being a global solution. We work with companies who have a presence globally and are relied upon to help provide a consistent experience anywhere in the world.

However, there are a few countries that we are unable to ship to due to carrier restrictions. You can find that list of restricted countries linked below as well links for restricted items and shipping requirements required by certain countries:

Shipments being sent outside of the US will require the recipient to have a valid and working phone number and email address and the recipient must answer carrier calls to release their package from customs. The contact information provided must be that of the RECIPIENT of the package with a phone number containing the country code matching the destination country. SwagUp relies on carrier information and will not be able to reimburse, reproduce, provide a cash refund or pay for a subsequent outbound shipment for any shipment outside of the US that has been abandoned or returned to us due to non-compliance with customs regulations, requirements and formalities.

Note: If you are collecting and uploading recipient information to our system, we strongly encourage double checking all recipient information as charges incurred for incorrect addresses/address corrections (if we are able to intercept and update the address once it’s en route) will be passed onto the customer and are typically several times the original shipping cost.

All international addresses must be provided in English characters. Carriers do not accept non-english characters. Failure to provide addresses in the correct format may result in failed or abandoned shipments. SwagUp is not responsible for providing any type of refund or credit for any shipment that is deemed undeliverable and has an address with non-english character.

International large bulk shipments, and/or shipments of a high dollar value (think $1k+), may require the recipient to be a registered business in the country of importation, or have an import license. The shipment will still be sent DDP, and duties/taxes are still covered by SwagUp, but the recipient will need to act as the importer in these instances. Failure to comply may result in return fees for the customer or abandonment of the shipment. In such cases, SwagUp is not liable to pay any fees associated with a returned shipment, consequential additional shipment once the original shipment has been returned or any type of warehousing fee for holding a shipment while the proper requirements are being met by the recipient.

International Shipment duties and taxes are paid by SwagUp. Tax bills received in error from carriers can be submitted for payment within 45 days of receipt to

Exceptions and Refunds

Shipping Errors:

During shipping, some packages may be considered ‘undeliverable’ by the carrier. Most commonly, this means that one of the following situations occurred, in which case SwagUp is not responsible for refunding or crediting any shipments or items for the following errors or issues:

- An incorrect address was provided

- An address was provided in non-English characters

- The recipient was unresponsive/unable to receive the package

- The recipient is no longer at the provided address

- The recipient no longer works at your organization

- The recipient refused to accept delivery of the package

- The package was delivered but deemed stolen

- A shipment or shipments were scheduled by the customer erroneously

SwagUp is not responsible for any compensation related to returned shipments that are lost or damaged in transit if the return is due to an error indicated in the above list.

If you have shipped items erroneously and would like to return them to the warehouse to store, you may ship them at your own cost. Warehouse/storage fees will be applicable.

Lost in Transit Packages:

Packages must be deemed Lost in Transit by our carriers in order for our customers to receive compensation. Shipments showing no movement cannot be deemed failed or lost in transit prior to 30 days from the ship date. Shipments showing delivered and proof of delivery is verified as delivered to the wrong address by the recipient will also be covered by this policy. Should you suspect a shipment is lost in transit or delivered to the wrong address, please submit a request to investigate to Claims must be submitted within 45 days from the ship date. Once we have determined the status is indeed lost in transit, we are able to provide the following remedies as options:

  • Courtesy credit applied to the customer dashboard for the cost of the lost in transit product


  • Courtesy credit to be used for a future order for the cost of the lost in transit product


  • Low minimum swag item to be sent to the recipient in lieu of the lost package. Our customer care team will provide the items to select from.

Please note that a shipment status of ‘delivered’ cannot be considered lost and will not be eligible for a credit or refund.

Damaged Items

While SwagUp does source best-in-class custom boxes, it is well within reason that they would endure some damage through the shipping process. Minor cosmetic damage is not eligible for any type of compensation, however, if you have received a package that is crushed, torn, contents are missing or broken you may send photos of the damaged items to or chat with us online. This policy does not cover or provide compensation for weather related damages to packages that have been delivered.

Photo evidence of any damage to items or packages must be provided within 7 days of receipt of the shipment. The photos will be reviewed by our team and a credit will be processed for use on shipping credits or a future order should we decide the carrier was at fault.

Replacement Items

Due to minimum quantity orders, we are unable to reorder replacement items for shipping related errors occurring after the shipment(s) leave our warehouse. We always suggest ordering extras in the initial order as shipping errors and lost in transit shipments do happen. The choice to order additional items to replace lost in transit items will result in a new sale at the cost of the customer.

Inbound 3rd Party Items

SwagUp will not refund the cost of 3rd party items or shipping fees for items not produced by SwagUp. SwagUp will only refund the cost charged for the 3rd party item that is reflected on the SwagUp invoice for the warehousing of the items should they be deemed lost in transit via the tracking number on the way to our warehouse.

Items Returned to Sender

In many cases, undelivered packages are returned to our warehouse. In such cases, the return postage fees will be billed to your account. You will still be able to use the returned swag items as part of your inventory. Upon receiving the items, we will update your swag inventory to reflect the new status. Returned swag items ship as-is and require additional postage costs to re-ship.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please reach out to

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