Your SwagUp Platform comes with a full suite of swag management features, including simplified shipping using the swag you already have stored in inventory.

To access the SwagUp Platform, simply log in with your SwagUp account.

Inside the SwagUp Platform

✅ STEP 1:

Go to the Shipments tab. Click “ADD CONTACT” to get started.


✅ STEP 2:

You have two options:

  • Option 1: Add an Individual Contact

  • Option 2: Upload a CSV with Multiple Contacts

If you are just getting started in the SwagUp Platform and you have a swag project launching soon, we recommend collecting addresses for everyone that will need swag and choosing Option 2 - Upload a CSV to save yourself time manually adding contacts. (See the help article on best CSV upload practices)

If you have already launched a few swag projects, we recommend Option 1 - Individual Contact for occasionally adding a new contact to your existing list.

📍 Note: Once you ship swag to a contact, you cannot remove them from your swag directory. They now have swag shipment history associated with them in your swag platform! (You can see their past swag shipments in their contact details.)

Contacts can only be deleted from your directory if you have not yet shipped swag to them. You can, however, edit their contact information. So no worries if their name changes or they moved to a new address!

To delete a contact, click the illuminated red trash can next to their name in the shipping directory. If the trash can is grayed out, they have previously been shipped swag and can no longer be removed from your shipping history.

✅ STEP 3: Add Individual Contact

If you adding an Individual Contact, fill out the relevant information for the contact.

Your directory is completely private to you, so we highly suggest being as thorough and proactive as possible with your contact information – details like the contact's shirt size, address, and phone number will reduce shipping errors and other undesirable swag surprises down the road (e.g. incorrect shirt size, returned delivery due to incorrect address, etc.)

Hit Save when you are ready!

BAM! Your contact will now successfully show in your address list.

✅ STEP 3: Upload a CSV

If you uploading multiple contacts using a CSV, you will first need to download the correct CSV template.

Swag Expert Tip: Want hassle-free shipping? Use the template! It's the easiest way to make sure you get all the information you need for your contacts.

If you already have a CSV file, we recommend you download the CSV template anyway — check that the headings match so you'll reduce the likelihood of encountering upload errors!

Here's what your CSV file will need to have:

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • email

  • phone_number

  • shipping_address1

  • shipping_address2

  • shipping_city

  • shipping_state

  • shipping_zip

  • shipping_country

  • size (for a t-shirt)

Shipping to clients? Need to add company information to a contact? You can create a new column before the first_name column titled "company". Not every row needs to be filled in, so if you only want to add company information for a few contacts, it is completely fine to leave the rest blank.

IMPORTANT: You must have all the column headings shown in the provided CSV template! While columns can contain no data, they cannot be missing - this will increase the likelihood of upload errors.

Hit Continue to move on to uploading your contacts.

After you upload, you will see the column headings our system found.

In the "Review Columns" step, check that all the headings match the values they represent. For example, the "First Name" column should only show first names, the "Email" column should only show emails, and so on.

If you see a column has been incorrectly identified, click on the column heading, e.g. "First Name" to adjust the heading to the correct value, e.g. "Company"

Are the column headers correct, but you see some errors in the data? No worries. That's the next step.

Hit Continue to move on to reviewing values.

In the "Review Values" step, you can correct any errors in the rows of your CSV.

Rows with errors will be highlighted in red. To edit a row, click on it to enter a new screen with the contact's details. You can then update the appropriate fields as needed. For example: If you see a spelling error or want to correct the address information, you can do so by clicking on the row with the error.

We're almost done! 🎉

The last step is to decide whether you want to ship swag to this group of contacts immediately, or simply save the contacts in your shipping directory for now.

If you don't need to ship swag just yet, you can end the process and simply save your contacts.

Otherwise, hit "Ship Swag." You will need to have swag in inventory if you choose this option. You can then schedule swag to ship to this new group of contacts.

Still have questions? Chat with a Swag Expert for more help! 👩🏼‍🚀

As a reminder, SwagUp does not guarantee any delivery or service dates for any shipment regardless of origin or destination.

🚚 Check out this help video on how to ship swag:

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