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A quick-start guide to managing mockups, planning shipments, uploading contacts, storing swag, and estimating costs all in one place.

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The SwagUp order management view brings you more visibility into what's happening with your order, while also introducing a smarter workflow so you can plan ahead on shipments and storage while finalizing your swag designs.

What We'll Cover in This Tutorial:

  • Navigating the orders view

  • How to view your mockups and request changes

  • How shipping and storage works

  • How to create single and multiple shipments to send contacts

  • How to store swag as inventory for later

  • Continuing with your order and getting ready for checkout

Prefer video? Watch the overview:

Navigating the orders

Your new order management view is divided into three sections to help you get a bird's eye view on everything you need at once.

  1. On the left hand side is your DESIGN section. This is where you can view all the swag products associated with the order request. This can be a mix of bulk items and pack items, multiple swag packs, multiple bulk items, or even just a single swag product. There is no limit on how many swag products you can have in an order. This section is also where you can view mockups for a swag product, view estimated costs, request changes, and more.

  2. Next, we have your SHIPPING & STORAGE section. With this dashboard update, you no longer have to wait until your swag designs are ready to start planning where you want your swag to go. This means you can work smarter with less headaches down the line. You will also have the flexibility to store and ship swag as you like.

  3. Finally, on the right hand side is your PROJECT SUMMARY section. This section will help you get a sense of your total swag project costs as you work. You will be able to see your estimated costs updated in realtime as you make changes to quantities, designs, shipping/storage assignments, and more.

How to view your mockups and request changes

From the DESIGN section on the left-hand side, you will notice that each swag product has a label indicating its current status (i.e. Design Ready, Changes Requested, Approved, etc.)

Each swag product will also have a tag (i.e. "Pack" or "Bulk") below its product name to help you identify at a glance what type of swag product you are working with.

Here are the different order statuses that you may see:

Changes Requested: You've requested changes to the design

  • Design Ready: Our design team has proofs for you to review and approve

  • In Design: Our design team is currently working on your proofs

  • Proofs Ready: You've approved your proofs and our internal purchasing and merchandising teams will finalize the details with our vendors. You won't be able to check out until this internal review process has finished.

  • Proofs Approved: Your proofs have been reviewed and approved by SwagUp's internal teams. You're now ready to check out on the Dashboard!

Swag Expert Tip: Move the cursor next to the product name and click the pencil icon to edit it. You can rename your packs for a specific use case (e.g. New Hire Swag Packs 2021), by team (e.g. Engineering Swag Packs), or anything else that makes sense for keeping your swag inventory nice and organized.

To view your mockups, click the link below the product title. Depending on the stage of design your swag is in, this will either say "Review Mockups" or "View Proofs".

This will take you to a new screen. You will be able to view all your mockups here.

To leave feedback and request changes, use the chat box on the right hand side. And when you're ready, hit approve designs to get your swag ready for production.

On the left hand side, you will see a total estimated cost for this swag product and estimated production times and shipping dates.

Want to download your mockups to share with the team? Hit the Mockup File link to get your mockups as a PDF.

You will also be able to see any applied decoration methods on this screen.

How does shipping & storage work?

In the SHIPPING & STORAGE section, you have two options for your swag:

  1. Ship your swag immediately to selected recipients, and

  2. Store your swag at our warehouse as inventory for later.

You can choose to ship some swag right away and store the rest as inventory, ship all your swag, or store all your swag.
​For example: You have 100 swag packs and 50 t-shirts in your order.

In this section, you can choose to send 25 swag packs and 25 t-shirts right away. The rest of your swag (75 swag packs and 25 t-shirts) can be stored at our warehouse.

Here's how to decide which option is best for you:

  • If you're creating swag with a specific event or deadline in mind, and you already have a list of addresses to send your swag, you'll want to pick the first option.

  • If you're not sure when and where you'll need your swag yet, you'll want to pick the second option.

Keep in mind with your new order management view, you can also mix and match swag shipments and swag storage. And that's what the last row, Unallocated, helps with.

  • Unallocated tells you how many swag products you have to work with that have not yet been assigned to a shipment or marked for storage.

How to create single and multiple shipments to send contacts

To create a new shipment, hit create shipment.

On the next screen, you'll pick which swag products you want to send.

For a single shipment to one address:

  • Add a contact as a recipient. If this contact is already in your address book, you can hit 'Select from Existing'. Otherwise, choose 'Add New Contact'. In the sidebar, you can add the contact and address details. You can also choose to upload a CSV if you have one ready.

  • Your selected recipients will be shown on the screen:

  • To change the quantity sent to this recipient, hit the three dots on the right-most area of the row for the contact. This will expand a pop-up. Hit 'Edit Recipient', adjust the quantity to include all your swag, and hit Save to confirm.

  • Hit 'Create Shipment' to finalize this shipment plan. You will then be able to see this shipment as a 'Saved Shipment' in the main order management screen.

  • To remove this shipment or make changes, hit 'View Details' and then either select 'View Details' again to make edits. Or hit 'Delete Shipment' to remove the shipment. Your swag products will return to unallocated once the shipment is deleted.

For multiple shipments to multiple addresses:

  • Choose the swag product(s) you wish to send to your first group of contacts.

  • Next, upload a CSV or choose from your existing contacts.

  • If choosing from your existing contacts, you can also use the Filters to find U.S. only or International only addresses. You can also filter by apparel sizes. Use the Sort by option to sort contacts by Name, Date Added, and Apparel Size.

  • Know the name of the contact you're looking for? Use the search bar to find them quickly.

  • To mass-select contacts, click the checkbox in the header row. This will select all the contacts in the displayed rows. To keep adding contacts, hit the arrow button below the bottom of the table, and hit the checkbox in the header row again to mass-select contacts in on this page as well.

  • Confirm your selection by hitting 'Add Selected Recipients' and 'Create Shipment'

  • Choose to create another shipment, send the remaining amount of this swag product to the warehouse, or skip.

  • You have now saved a shipment plan. To start a new shipment plan, hit 'Create Shipment' and repeat the process for a new group of contacts.

To adjust quantities per recipient, click the 3 dots on the right-most of that contact's row. A pop-up will expand. Hit "Edit Recipient" to change the quantity being sent to this recipient.

You will be able to view all of your Saved Shipments at any point from the main order management view.

How to store swag as inventory for later

To store swag as inventory for later, hit Send to Warehouse. If you already have some swag products in this order marked for warehouse storage, this link will instead say 'View details'.

To add, remove, or update quantities, open the Warehouse storage sidebar by clicking Send to Warehouse or View Details.

You will then see a list of all your swag products currently marked for storage, including the quantity set aside for storage and the cost to store the swag.

To change the swag you are sending to storage, select 'Update Quantities.' For swag packs without sizing and one-size bulk items, enter a new quantity in the Custom qty box, or choose from common quantity options (i.e. 50, 100, 200).

For swag packs with sizing and sizing-related bulk items (e.g. t-shirts), enter the new quantity to store in each sizing box. For example, if you want to store 5 small t-shirts and 10 medium t-shirts, enter these in the respective sizing boxes. Then hit 'Store Selected item in Warehouse' to confirm and save your selection.

To remove a swag product from storage, enter 0 for the quantity and hit 'Store Selected item in Warehouse' to confirm and save your selection.

Continuing with your order and getting ready for checkout

Once you've assigned all our swag, you will notice the Unallocated row will no longer show up. This means you've allocated all your swag products and you can get ready to check out.

Remember: Before you can check out, all your swag packs must be marked approved.

After you have approved all your swag designs and made sure all swag products have been assigned to a shipment or marked for storage, you can continue with your order.

Have a specific issue or question? Feel free to message us and a Swag Expert will be in touch to help you out πŸš€

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