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How to upload multiple contacts at once
How to upload multiple contacts at once

Upload multiple contacts at once-all you need is a CSV!

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What is a CSV?

CSV is a format of a text file in which commas are used to separate values, and accordingly, whole data will be stored. CSV data can be easily opened in various kinds of text editor like notepad and can be analyzed for fetching and mining the needed details.

Information needed:

You will need to use our CSV template to make sure that the columns and data match our system's requirements.



1. In your dashboard, go to the "shipments" tab, click "contacts" and then "Add Contact +"


2. Select "Upload CSV"


3. Once you've uploaded the CSV file, you'll need to review your columns. If a column says "unmatched" you'll have to click the drop down and select the appropriate header for the data.


4. If you have errors, you'll need to click into them to resolve them


5. Once all errors are corrected, you'll need to decide if you want to save your contacts or send swag to your contacts.


If you are having issues, refer to our article: "How to Troubleshoot a CSV File Upload"

If that still doesn't help, please contact our customer service team via Chat!

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