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Grouping your CSV File Upload
Grouping your CSV File Upload
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You have a lot of recipients to ship to and it's hard to know who's who once everyone's information has been added to the Dashboard. If you have different swag packs for clients or internal employees, you need a simple way to group your contacts.

SwagUp is making it easier to sort through everyone's information in your contacts tab and designate swag to specific departments or for specific events within your organization!

How it Works

As you are uploading your CSV file, you will be asked to name the group on the last step:


You will have a 50 character limit to save your CSV under a specific name:


Once you have uploaded and named your CSV, you will be able to access the specific group in your contacts tab or when shipping out swag!


If you click on specific departmentalized groups, it'll filter your contacts to the appropriate group:


You can also select multiple groups to see recipients in both groups.


From here, you'll select the checkboxes to designate your shipments!

Coming soon to this feature:

  • Create new groups from the Contacts tab

  • Add a contact to multiple groups

  • Delete groups

  • Edit groups

  • Make bulk edits to groups

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