What swag works best for tradeshows?

Anything you can think of! We do banners, tablecloths, flags, and more.

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Whether you're throwing an event for your top clients or attending an event you want to be noticed at, we can create swag for any occasion.

There are several approaches to take when it comes to event swag. You can order swag in bulk, put together swag packs for attendees.

We recommend preset packs for getting started quickly (you can even use a preset pack as a template for a custom pack).

But if you're looking for options outside of swag packs, bulk swag, and swag redeem pages, good news! If you can think of it, we can do it.

Popular items include:

  • Webcam covers

  • Camera Glam Lights

  • Branded Dad Hats

  • Insert cards with hashtag call out

  • Custom branded socks

  • Blue light glasses

Get in touch with a Swag Expert today to explore what's possible. Chat with us to speak with an account executive.

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