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How to view invoice receipts
How to view invoice receipts

SwagUp Help Desk article on how to view invoice receipts. We show you a guided step on how to access invoices on your dashboard.

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If you paid for your swag order on the SwagUp Platform, you will be able to follow the steps below to view and download your invoice.

If you paid for a sample pack shipping internationally or if you had an invoice sent from a sales rep, you can contact for a copy of your receipt.

Follow the steps below to view invoices for payments made on the SwagUp Platform.

Step 1: Go to and login to your SwagUp Platform.

Step 2: Once on the Home page, click the profile icon in the upper right hand corner and select "Account Settings"

Step 3: Locate the billing section


Step 4: Select Invoices



Step 5: Locate the invoice you'd like to review. To download, simply click the download icon to the right.

See the full process here:

And that's it!ย If you have questions, reach out to our customer care team in the chat!

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