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Import contacts to the SwagUp Platform for simple swag shipments

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When should you upload a Bulk CSV?

At various points, you may want to send swag to a bulk list of 10's, 100's, or maybe even 1000's of recipients at once.

The SwagUp Platform has a bulk CSV upload functionality that also checks your addresses for any errors.

We've put together a brief video (clickable below) that breaks down how to upload a bulk CSV list of recipients and the different ways to send swag to them.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Only include the company name on the CSV upload if sending directly to a business address. Leave blank if sending to a residential address. Company should be the first column on the csv template before the first name.

  • Phone numbers are required for all international shipments. The phone number must be a local phone number in the residing country. Do not use a U.S. phone number β€” this will increase the risk of shipping delays and abandoned packages.

  • Check that all address information is correctly formatted, i.e. separated by first name, last name, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip code and country. Incorrect or misplaced data can result in processing errors and shipment delays. Please extend address 1 data into the address 2 column if it exceeds the 100 character limit. Applies for longer international addresses.

  • Check that all address have complete information, including the suite, floor, apartment number, access code, gate number, etc. Failing to provide this information can result in a returned package.

  • Use only characters from the English alphabet. The dashboard may not recognize a different alphabet or specific characters and could result in unrecognizable address data.

  • Data must remain on one line across the row no matter how long it is. Hitting enter and inputting the data below the first line will cause the CSV to fail.

  • Remove any blanks / unnecessary spacing (column data will crash if it starts with a space)

If you have any trouble, feel free to message using chat! Our team will help get your shipments through πŸš€

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