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What is needed to place an order?
What is needed to place an order?

SwagUp Help Desk Article on what is needed to place an order with SwagUp. We have a check list to guide you to an easy swag project.

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What do you need to place a swag order? To get started just a logo and swag selection is needed, but to finalize an order there are a few more things needed to complete your order before purchasing.

Ordering Checklist:

Logo in vector format

PMS/Pantone color in guide coded. If you only have your logo colors in a different format, your rep can help color match. You can also visit to convert to find a color that matches your logo.

Sizes if you are ordering apparel that requires sizing, we will need that information in advance. If your mockups are approved, but you don't have shirt sizing it will delay your order.

If you are unsure what sizes to select, we suggest the following options, send all the same size, use standard distribution 10% Small, 23% Medium, 34% Large, 23% X-Large, 10% 2X-Large, or use our redeem pages to help collect apparel size.

Shipping information will be needed if you don't plan on store any swag. You can use our shipping template guide here or use our redeem page to collect shipping information.

If you have any further questions on placing your order you can reach out via chat!

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