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Documents needed to ship SwagUp packages to India
Documents needed to ship SwagUp packages to India

We can ship to India, but these documents are essential to ensuring smooth delivery

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SwagUp prides ourselves on being a global solution. We work with companies who have a presence globally and are relied upon to help provide a consistent experience anywhere in the world. Over 20% of the packages we ship go overseas.
However, when it comes to shipping to India, you'll need to have recipients fill out some additional paperwork (KYC docs) with the carriers, if they haven't already done so. Failure to provide these docs ahead of time could lead to customs delays or undelivered shipments.

Step by Step details below:

UPS India Guideline Per India customs, all importers(recipients) must provide Know Your Customer (KYC) and authorization Power of Attorney (POA) documents to UPS prior to customs clearance.

Step 1- Client approves the KYC process

Step 2- Client confirms the phone number/address provided is 100% accurate

Step 3- Client sends the KYC documents directly to the recipient. Documents must be filled out and ready for UPS upon arrival at India customs KYC found here:

Step 4- SwagUp processes the shipment

Step 5- UPS India reaches out to the recipient phone number provided to follow through with the process. Recipient is fully responsible for submitting the documents/providing any updated information

Step 6- Packages are delivered after process is complete and packages are cleared

*The recipient is responsible for providing correct information and following through with the process. If the shipment is delayed due to lack of communication or incorrect information the package will be abandoned by India customs. SwagUp will not be responsible for return costs/replacing the items.

India Customer Service:

Toll Free: 1800 22 7171 / 1800 102 7171

Monday - Saturday: 08:30 - 21:00

Pune: Shop No. 1, At J.B. Complex Gat No. 2, 227 Nasik Pune Highway, Nanekarwadi, Taluka Khed, Pune – 410501 Maharashtra, India Tel.: 1800 22 7171

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