What is a swag pack?

A Swag Pack is an assortment of branded swag curated into a pack.

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Swag Packs are an assortment of branded swag assembled into a pack. You can select the branded swag you want assembled into a swag pack and even add 3rd party items.

What makes it a "pack"?

For your swag to be considered a "pack" it must be assembled into a box. We do make exceptions to this rule if swag items are being shipped in bulk. For example, you want swag items assembled into a tote bag and shipped in bulk. We will allow the items inside the tote to be a "swag pack". If you decide to dropship each assembled tote, a box will be required for purchase.

We have a few options for swag packs:

Preset Packs - You can select from a variety of pre-set packs selected based on the most popular client requests. You can select from the preset pack as a starting point but can edit the items that get assembled on our form here.

Custom Packs - Custom packs allow you to select and customize the items you want in your pack.

Packs in Bulk - If you are sending packs in bulk, you will be able to a backpack or tote as a "pack", meaning we will send swag preassembled inside that bag. We only make this exception when packs are shipped in bulk, a box will be required purchase for dropshipping.

What's in a typical swag pack?

Typical swag packs include a branded water bottle, journal, pens, stickers, socks, shirt and custom box. We do allow clients to ship us inventory produced by other vendors, just note additional charges will apply. Check out 3rd party pricing here.

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