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What is bulk swag?

Get the same items you love from our catalog without any of the extras.

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Bulk swag is defined as multiples of individual items shipping to one location. For example, if you need 150 t-shirts for a conference or 500 pens for a hiring event-those items would be considered to be bulk swag.

Need an explanation of what constitutes a pack? See our explanation of a swag pack here.

If you don't need a swag pack or a preset pack, what you're probably looking for is bulk swag.

Our bulk swag catalog features the same items you know and love from our swag pack catalog โ€” the difference is you're skipping on the packaging.

Choose bulk swag when you only need a few items and you don't necessarily need packaging for those items. For example, pens with the company logo or t-shirts for an event.

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