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What counts as lightweight shipping and how much does it cost?
What counts as lightweight shipping and how much does it cost?
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Lightweight shipping has always been available at SwagUp, and recently, we've been able to made the experience even better with a new partnership with one of our carriers.

If you are a SwagUp customer, you have access to lightweight shipping (and the reduced costs!) There are no membership fees, and you don't need to request anything from your Swag Expert. The option is automatically available in your account with a qualifying swag shipment.

What counts as a lightweight swag shipment?

For a swag shipment to quality as 'lightweight', it must have a total shipping weight of less than 1 pound.

Typically, this means a swag pack or bulk swag order that uses a mailer bag for packaging (which is lighter than a mailer box, allowing for the reduced costs). Note that the trade-off between a mailer bag and mailer box is protection. As you might guess, a mailer box will be able to better protect your swag items compared to a mailer bag.

As a result, we recommend using mailer bags for swag items that are not fragile. For example, a t-shirt or a pair of socks would work well with a mailer bag. A ceramic mug would not work well with a mailer bag. If you are in doubt of whether a particular swag item will hold up well in shipping, just ask a Swag Expert and we will help you identify the best way to protect your swag during shipping.

💡SWAG EXPERT TIP: This shipping option works well with any community or team events involving just a couple pieces of swag (instead of a hefty swag pack) or swag that is not physically fragile (e.g. think t-shirts and socks that can easily fit in a mailer bag with an insert card).

How much does lightweight shipping cost?

Lightweight (< 1 lb) swag shipments now have a reduced, fixed shipping cost of $11 domestically and $25 internationally.


Lightweight shipping is the standard option available to all qualifying swag projects. Note that for any custom shipping requirements, your pricing quote will reflect those requirements instead of these standard costs.

Pro Tip: Use our handy shipping calculator for more help calculating costs!

What are good lightweight swag items?

There are several advantages to going with a lighter swag pack shipment, especially for one-off swag projects, or events that only require a few swag items. Often, lightweight swag packs can be a good in-between option when you need to send a swag gift or appreciate your brand's community, but it's not a time to go all out on the swag.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • t-shirts and situational/seasonal lightweight apparel (e.g. tank tops, face masks, bandanas, beanies, custom knit socks, sports socks, scarves)

  • die-cut stickers, holographic stickers, sticker sheets, enamel pins

  • insert cards and greeting cards

  • keychain organizer, lanyards, sunglasses, blue-light blocking glasses

  • phone stands, webcam covers

  • pens and pencils

Have a question about a specific item? Get in touch with your Swag Expert via chat and we'll help you sort it out :)

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