Redeem pages allow you to collect information from recipients in one place.

What is a SwagUp Redeem page?

SwagUp Redeem Pages are custom designed landing pages that include a form for recipients to fill out information like addresses, shirt sizes, or even select from a few pack options that you are offering to your recipients. These pages are fully customizable — we can even add specific validations to help secure your SwagUp Redeem Page. Redeem Pages are automatically integrated to your SwagUp dashboard meaning shipments are created and real-time and can be tracked from your shipments tab.

What to expect:

  1. SwagUp creates the branded Redeem Page.

  2. Our team shares a specific custom link with you.

  3. You distribute the redeem link to your recipients!

  4. Information is automatically synced to SwagUp Dashboard!

What validations come with SwagUp Redeem Pages?

Our team wants to ensure that you only have the correct recipients filling out your redeem page. There are a few ways you can add validation to your redeem page:

  • Email validation – Provide us with a list of email domains that are permitted.

  • Duplication – We can ensure duplicates don’t come through.

  • Password protected – If you want to provide people on your team with a password, we can set that up!

  • Restrict links being used more than once– If you want to ensure no one on your team is trying to claim swag more than once, no worries we can limit the link usage to one per user.

  • Swag Selection – You can have users select between items you have in inventory. So if you have a few items you would like people to select from, redeem pages can be used for this.

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