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What Happens When A Shipment is Abandoned/Returned/Undeliverable
What Happens When A Shipment is Abandoned/Returned/Undeliverable
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Policy on return shipments that are rejected by carrier or customs.

When your package is abandoned, returned, or undeliverable by the carriers, it will happen for a number of reasons and unfortunately once a package leaves the SwagUp facility very little is within our control. Our shipping carriers will mark packages they had issues delivering and we typically see this happen for the following reasons below.

Reasons your shipment can get rejected:

  • Bad address

  • Phone number/email missing

  • Held up in Customs

  • Missing information

  • Unable to contact the recipient

  • Address not found

What the carrier statuses mean:

  • Abandoned: This means the carrier is going to discard the shipment completely. This is very common for packages that are shipped internationally due to import fees. The SwagUp team will refund you for the cost of the package for the items we have produced, as long as the reason for abandonment is not related to the recipient's ability or availability to receive the package. Please note that generally we are not able to reproduce the items abandoned and we will also NOT not be able to refund items that are 3rd party or not produced through SwagUp.

  • Returned: This means the package will be returned back to our facility. Note that the package at this point has been across the globe and back, the box tends to arrive damaged. In this case, our team will alert you once received in our facility and place it back into inventory for you to ship out.

  • Undeliverable: A carrier has the option at this point to either abandon the package or return it back. In some cases, they will reach out asking for more information. Note each carrier treats this differently and results will vary based on shipment type, ie international shipments

How can I check if a shipment is returned/abandoned/undelivered?

If you log into your SwagUp dashboard you will be able to find the tracking number for any shipments in the Shipments tab. Once you locate the tracking number for a shipment order, you will be able to click on the carrier link. Details and updates on your shipment will be listed there.

How do I request a refund/or update on a return package?

Please reach out via chat for any refund and return requests. Remember to provide the shipment information for our team to look into the issue.

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