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How long will the production and shipping process take?
How long will the production and shipping process take?

Important Timeline Expectations

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Once you have placed your order, SwagUp begins producing your items!

Production time varies by product and project. Standard production can take 3-4 weeks with an additional 1 week for quality assurance and packing at our warehouse. If you need a rushed item, let our SwagUp team know to see if there are rush options available for that product.

Production time does not include the time that it will take your items to be approved by our quality assurance team or packed in our warehouse-this typically takes an additional week before the products will be added to your inventory.

Once your items have shipped out, you can expect domestic shipments to take 1-2 weeks while international shipments can take 3-5 weeks due to customs and import restrictions.

Here's a helpful snapshot of what the SwagUp process looks like!

If you have questions you can contact your rep or chat with a customer care representative today!

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