SwagUp x Zapier Troubleshooting
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Zapier runs through our SwagUp API. On SwagUp’s end, the most common issues for swag not shipping as expected revolve around the following issues:

  • Client doesn't have enough shipping credits

  • Product is out of stock

  • Product is out of stock in the size the customer requested

You will be able to identify a SwagUp API issue if the error code that Zapier returns falls outside the codes below. When a code outside the below mentioned codes is returned, you must reach out to our customer care team here.

Zapier Specific Error Codes:

Zapier errors can occur on their end that require Zapier’s team to resolve and can be identified using the following codes:

*HTTP status codes that begin with a 4 or 5 (401, 504, etc.) are error codes.

400-series error codes

Error codes between 400 and 499 are client errors, which happen when the error occurs on Zapier’s end.

400 - Bad Request

401 - Unauthorized

403 - Forbidden

404 - Not Found

405 - Method Not Allowed

408 - Request Timeout

409 - Conflict

410 - Gone

414 - URL Too Long

415 - Unsupported Media Type

422 - Unprocessable Entity

429 - Too Many Requests

500-series error codes

Error codes in the 500 series are server errors, which happen when an app’s server is down or experiencing other issues.

500, 501, 502, 503 - Server errors

504 - Gateway Timeout

For more information on these individual codes, you’ll need to go to Zapier’s website here.

Is the client still needing assistance? Have them reach out to Zapier’s Engineering Team here.

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