Tumblers and Mugs

How to prevent and prepare for damages

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Care Instructions:

Customized tumblers and mugs should always be hand washed to increase the longevity of the design. The high temperatures and harsh detergents used by dishwashers could cause the design to fade or chip. Please keep in mind that SwagUp is not responsible for damage caused by improper cleaning or care by the recipient.

A Note on Ceramic Mugs:

Due to the fragile nature of ceramic mugs, they run a very high risk of damage in transit. As such we always give any ceramic mug extra attention during packing and assembly.

However, even the best-laid plans go awry. While we do our best to diligently package mugs with as much protection as possible, they will always be susceptible to breakage. And unfortunately, packages can get damaged in transit. SwagUp is unable to control how packages are handled while in transit.

Due to the increased risks, it is suggested that our clients purchase a minimum 5% overage when ordering ceramic mugs.

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