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What triggers are available with HRIS integrations?
What triggers are available with HRIS integrations?

Check out the latest available triggers for HRIS integrations

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Currently, you can connect your SwagUp Account with your HRIS Account and set-up automations for New Hires, Birthdays and Employee Work Anniversaries.

New Hires - Looking to onboard new hires with some swag? We got you! You can set up the trigger to send New Hires some swag when they start! What a great way to welcome and automate! Phew one less thing for you to do to help onboard a new hire!

Employee Birthdays - Show employees you care with some birthday swag! This is a great way to surprise and delight your team with some branded gifts on their birthday!

Employee Anniversaries - Oh we know HR teams have calendar reminders to help stay on top of work anniversaries. Well, this trigger will help take that off your plate! Winning! Automatically send company swag for those work Anniversaries.

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