What is Autoship?
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Autoship is a new Redeem Page type that automatically creates shipments for you when your recipients submit a SwagUp Redeem Page.

You can use Autoship to:

  • Automate new hire onboarding by creating a New Hire Redeem Page to ship out new hire swag every time your newest employee submits the form. Anywhere in the world, any hour of the day (or night)

  • Simplify your membership / loyalty / partner program experience with a Welcome Redeem Page that automatically ships out a swag gift to every new member or partner you want to give the VIP experience to

  • Upgrade your sales team gifting with a swag redeem page that helps them build standout relationships with their most important accounts, but without taking up their time

  • And much more!

Autoship is the best option for when you already have placed an order. This is because you must have product(s) in your inventory in order for an autoship redeem page to be toggled active. Not sure if you still have products in your inventory? Go here and sign in!

If you are creating a redeem page before you place an order, we instead recommend using a Collection Redeem Page Type.

Unlike Autoship, a Collection Redeem Page does not automatically ship swag from inventory to recipients. Collection Redeem Pages are great if you

(a) do not yet have swag inventory, and

(b) donโ€™t know what sizes and quantities you need for your swag order.

A Collection Redeem Page will help you gather contact and sizing information about your recipients in one shareable link, conveniently viewable in your SwagUp Dashboard and integrated with your contacts directory.

Looking for more information about redeem pages? Here's a quick introductory video!

Have questions? Reach out via chat to speak with a customer experience associate! ๐Ÿš€

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