Frequently Used Terms and Statuses Explained

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Pack: A collection of products packaged together

Bulk: Multiple units of one product, intended to ship to one recipient

Catalog: SwagUp’s catalog is a list of products that we are able to source from our suppliers. These products will be imprinted with your logo and designs

Dashboard: The part of the SwagUp platform that is used by existing customers. From the dashboard, clients can view their order history, place a new order, check their inventory etc.

Design and Imprint Methods

Decoration: A change that is applied to a product. E.g. Screen Print, Heat Transfer, etc.

Vector File: A high-quality file our clients' logos that usually ends in the following extensions: .ai, .eps, and .svg. These images can be re-sized with no impact to the image quality

Pantone or PMS color: A color code that represents an exact color value for a logo color

Full Color: Used when we cannot guarantee an exact color match due to the difference in printing method. For instance, an insert card will be full color because it uses a hex code instead of a PMS color and there might be a shade or two of difference.

Heat Transfer: With heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, your custom logo or design is printed onto transfer paper and then ink is thermally transferred from the paper to your fabric using heat and pressure.

Screen printing: a printing technique where a mesh and stencil is used to transfer ink onto a surface

Deboss: A depressed image on a surface

Embroidery: A sewn image on a surface

Requested Order Statuses

Changes Requested: You've requested changes to the design

Design Ready: Our design team has proofs for you to review and approve

In Design: Our design team is currently working on your proofs

Proofs Ready: You've approved your proofs and our internal purchasing and merchandising teams will finalize the details with our vendors. You won't be able to check out until this internal review process has finished.

Proofs Approved: Your proofs have been reviewed and approved by SwagUp's internal teams. You're now ready to check out on the Dashboard!

Completed Order Statuses

Pending Payment: The order has not yet been paid for or our finance team is processing your ACH or wire transfer payment

Paid: Payment has been tendered and your items are in production

Canceled: Your order has been canceled. You may have initiated this or our internal teams initiated it to make changes.

Timeline Terms

Turnaround Time: The time it takes to order your items, have our vendor produce the items, and have our internal teams approve and pack the items. Basically, the time between payment and the items being ready to ship.

Production: Our vendors are working to create your swag

Assembly: Our internal teams are packing your items

Quality Assurance: Our internal teams are making sure that your swag meet our standards for quality

Redeem Pages

Redeem page: A page SwagUp creates free of charge that will help clients with the fulfillment of their swag on autopilot

Collection Redeem Page: A page that collects contact information only

Autoship Redeem Page: A page that automatically ships out swag when a recipient fills out the form

Shipment Statuses

Pending Production: This means you set up shipments upon checking out and the items are not yet ready. You will not be able to change the information on this shipment-the only way to correct an address or change the information is to cancel the shipment and wait until inventory has been added to set up a new shipment.

Scheduled: Our warehouse is getting your shipment ready for pick up

On It's Way: Your shipment has a tracking number and scans showing that the carrier has picked up the items.

Delivered: Your shipment has a delivery scan!

Failure: Your shipment has some sort of issue preventing it from being delivered OR it's an international shipment going through a customs delay. Typically, this status will require some kind of action from your recipient.

Return to Sender: Your shipment has been returned to SwagUp's warehouse

Cancelled: You cancelled the shipment

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