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SwagUp Help Desk Article on how to remove shipping contact from your SwagUp dashboard.

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Follow the simple steps below to remove an address from the Platform that is no longer needed.

Step 1: Go to the Shipments tab within the Platform and select the name/address you want to remove

Step 2: Click on the trash can icon 

Step 3: You will see a confirmation message — “Are you sure you want to remove Jane Doe from your directory?" Click “REMOVE” 

You now will have successfully removed Jane Doe! Bye, Jane 👋


Once you ship swag to a contact, you cannot remove them from your swag directory. They now have swag shipment history associated with them in your swag platform! (You can see their past swag shipments in their contact details.)

Contacts can only be deleted from your directory if you have not yet shipped swag to them. You can, however, edit their contact information. So no worries if their name changes or they moved to a new address!

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