Setting Up and Monitoring Shipments

SwagUp makes it easy to set up and monitor your shipments.

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Woohoo!! Your inventory is ready to ship! Let's review how to set up shipments and what the different shipment statuses mean.

Setting up a Shipment

Step 1: Go to the Shipments tab and select “send swag”

Step 2: Select the swag you want to send

Step 3: From the Select Recipients page, you will need to click “add recipients” and then either “Select from Existing” or “Add New Contact”


The following screen will pop out for you to select the recipient. Then you’ll click add recipient

Step 4: You will be taken to this screen where you can edit the shipment or proceed by clicking “review shipment.”

*Note: If you are shipping multiple items to one recipient, you will set this up by clicking “Edit Shipment”

Step 5: Review and select “send swag”

Monitoring Your Shipments

SwagUp keeps track of your shipment in the Dashboard under the "Shipments" tab. You'll be able to access tracking numbers and monitor your shipments here. Please note that SwagUp will not email you or your recipients status updates-you'll have to go to your Shipments tab to keep tabs on their progress.

The shipments tab will look something like this

Each shipment will have it's own "card"

You can view more details of the shipment or click into the tracking on this card

We also have statuses on the card so that you can get an idea of the progress of that shipment

The different statuses are as follows:

Pending Production: This means you set up shipments upon checking out and the items are not yet ready. You will not be able to change the information on this shipment-the only way to correct an address or change the information is to cancel the shipment and wait until inventory has been added to set up a new shipment.

Scheduled: Our warehouse is getting your shipment ready for pick up

On It's Way: Your shipment has a tracking number and scans showing that the carrier has picked up the items.

Delivered: Your shipment has a delivery scan!

Failure: Your shipment has some sort of issue preventing it from being delivered OR it's an international shipment going through a customs delay. Typically, this status will require some kind of action from your recipient.

Return to Sender: Your shipment has been returned to SwagUp's warehouse

Cancelled: You cancelled the shipment

For information on our shipping policies and restricted countries, please review our shipping policy.

Need help with a shipment? Chat with our customer care team!

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