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Where do I find my Shipments
Where do I find my Shipments

You can find tracking information in your shipments tab of the SwagUp platform

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To track your shipments:

  1. Go to Shipments

  • Go to the shipment you want to track.

2. Track Your Shipment:

  • Locate the specific shipment you want to track.

  • Click on "View Details" for that shipment.

3. Retrieve Tracking Number:

  • The tracking number can be found at the top right corner of the shipment details.

4. Note for Some Shipments:

  • Keep in mind that certain shipments, like international ones, may not be trackable.

Red Alert Indicators:

  • Watch out for red alert indicators that may require action:

    • "Invalid Address" – This indicates a need to update the address with necessary information.

    • "Failure" – Hover over the Failure notification within shipment details for additional information or click on the Tracking number for carrier-specific failure details.

For failure-specific issues with shipments, please contact the associated carrier for further assistance:

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