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Will I be able to track the shipments sent out?
Will I be able to track the shipments sent out?
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Yes. You can track shipments in the SwagUp Platform, including information like tracking numbers and the shipment history for each contact.

Did you use a Redeem Page? If you have swag in inventory when you shared your Redeem Page, swag shipments will automatically be created when recipients fill out the form. You can track these shipments in the Platform just like a normal manual shipment. If you are having issues, please reach out for support!

How to view shipment history

Your Shipments tab will show all your recent swag shipments.

To view shipment history for an individual contact, click on the contact's profile image in your Shipments tab.

You will be taken to the contact details page. If you have shipped swag to this contact, you can scroll down to see the various swag shipment they have received since they were added to the platform.

Note: If a contact does not have shipment history, they have not been sent swag!

The shipment history will display tracking information and all associated information with the shipment.

P.S. Need all the shipments in an excel file? Request it from your SwagUp rep and our team will provide one for you.

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