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What should I have ready to fast track my swag?
What should I have ready to fast track my swag?
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SwagUp is ready to bring your ideas to life, but we will need your help getting to the finish line.

Ordering Checklist

Here are a few details that we will need before we can finalize each order:

Logo(s) in vector format

This is a high-res logo file that will ensure we’re getting the best quality design when your order is in production, please send vector files of each logo/design included in the order. These file types typically end in .pdf, .eps, and .ai

Pantone (PMS) color codes

We will match your exact brand colors to ensure consistency across all items, so please send your color codes for each logo. We use Pantone Coated colors that end in C (ex. 213 C). Unsure of your PMS color? Click here to convert your brand colors!

Sizes (if you plan on ordering apparel)

This can be sent as a simple list (S = 10, M = 20, etc.). Please note, each recipient can only order one size for their pack, even if multiple apparel items are included

Message for Insert Card

Our insert cards are digitally printed with your order, so we’ll need the copy/design you’d like for both sides - you can submit these details in the “Request Changes” chat on the dashboard

Other details to keep in mind:

💡 Turnaround time. Our average production time is 4 weeks after payment is received

🚀 SpeedUp by SwagUp, Need your swag faster? We now have plenty of items that can be produced in a shorter turnaround of 2-3 weeks at no extra cost - you can find them on our website, just look for the lightning bolts ⚡️

🚢 Shipping. We offer flat rate dropshipping and bulk shipping options:

Standard Domestic Dropshipping (3-5 Business Days) = $15 per US address

Standard International Dropshipping (4-6 Business Days) = $32 per Int'l address

Bulk shipping is calculated based on the number of items and the location of the address being shipped to

📦 Warehousing. We also offer storage for your swag packs at $5 per pack for 6 months. You can find the breakdown for bulk storage here:

— Small swag (e.g. pens, stickers) incur a storage fee of $0.25 per item

— Medium swag (e.g. notebooks, shirts) incur a storage fee of $1.00 per item
— Large swag (e.g. backpacks, jackets) incur a storage fee of $3.00 per item

Please note that warehousing is a re-occurring charge and will be re-assessed every 6 months based on what you have remaining in inventory.

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