How to design your products

Make design changes, request specific imprint methods and change base colors

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Are your designs not quite what you imagined? No problem! You can make change requests right from your Products Tab or in the Orders tab by using the product cards we make available to you.

First, you’ll want to review your mockups


You’ll see a full array of mockups for each item in the pack


Maybe the black on stainless steel isn’t standing out. Let’s request that the logo be changed to blue!

Click “+ add”


Make your design change request and click “continue”


From here, click “Submit changes”


Our system will ask you to confirm that you’ve made all necessary change requests for this particular item. Please note that prices may change depending on the design modifications you have requested.


Your item has now moved to the “changes requested” status! You won’t be able to make any further changes until your new mockup is ready.


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