How to View and Approve Your Mockups
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Your MockUps are Ready! Now What?

Whoo-hoo your mockups are ready!πŸŽ‰ At this stage, our design team has worked their magic on your swag choices and you can now make change requests or approve the designs for production.

Review and manage your swag mockups from ideation to approval in the SwagUp Dashboard

What we'll cover:

Navigating the Mockups Interface

How to Approve and See the Current Status of Your Swag
How to Remove a Swag Item from the Pack

Zooming in on Your Swag

How to Request Mockup Changes for Individual Swag Items

Item Color


Quantity Per Pack

Changes History

After you log into the SwagUp Platform, navigate to the Orders tab at the top of the page.

Click the Order you wish to view your mockups for. You will enter the order management view.

From here, click on Review Mockups for the swag product you wish to see mockups for.

Note: If you have more than one swag product associated with this order, you will see a list of swag products (for example, 2 swag packs and a bulk item), each with a separate Review Mockups link. To view the mockups for that swag product, click the link.

Navigating the Mockups Interface


At the top left of the page, you will see the title of your swag product. In this instance, "Pack New Hire". On the right-hand side, you can see the total price per pack and a link to download the Mockup PDF for sharing with your team.

How to Approve and See the Current Status of Your Swag

To approve an item, select that item from the list on the left-hand side (like in the above image) and click Approve Item on the right-hand side. If everything looks good, approve the item to get it ready for the next step. If things are on the right track but you have some changes, we'll cover requesting changes in the next section.

You can see the current status of a swag item from its status tag. The different possible stages for your item are explained in the table below:

Every swag item in your order has an item status. This status helps you see at a glance where each swag item is at in the design process.

  • In Progress. Your mockups are being created. Hang tight and we'll let you know when they're ready for your review!

  • Pending Review. Your mockups are ready for your review. You can hit "Approve Item" to get it ready for the next step, or leave feedback to update its status to "Changes Requested."

  • Changes Requested. We've got your feedback and are working on those edits. When your mockups are once again ready for review, the status will update to "Pending Review."

  • Finalizing Proofs. We are preparing the production files for your swag item design.

  • Proofs Ready. Your proofs are ready for your review. If everything looks good, hit Approve to send it to production.

  • Approved. You have previously approved this item and it's ready to move on in the process!

How to Remove a Swag Item from the Pack

If you change your mind on a swag item during the mockups review process, you can delete a swag item to remove it from the pack.

To delete a swag item, click the trash icon on the swag item card. If the last swag item of a pack is deleted, the swag pack will be deleted as well.

Zooming in on Your Swag

To view your mockups in closer detail, click on the mockup image to see a zoomed in view. For an even closer look, click a second time to use your mouse as a magnifying glass over the image.

How to Request Mockup Changes for Individual Swag Items

Select the swag item you want to request changes for from the list on the left. For example, in the above image the Nike Dri-FIT Perforated Cap is the currently selected swag item and its details are visible on the right-hand side.

You can manage the following details of the currently selected swag item:

Item color


All currently available color variations for this item are displayed in the window. To update the color of your swag item, simply choose a new color option and hit continue to confirm the new color selection.



All current decorations associated with this swag item will be listed in this section. Click into a decoration to replace the logo, update the imprint type, update the imprint location, change the decoration color(s), and make other requests in the additional notes box. You can also delete the decoration if you no longer want it for the item.

Quantity per pack

Update the quantity of this swag item per swag pack. For example, have 3 stickers in a swag pack. After updating the quantity of an item, you will also see an updated price per pack total.

Changes history

View all your requested changes to date for this swag item.


Remember to hit Submit changes after you've finished making all your edits. If you exit without hitting submit, you will lose your changes.

However, don't submit too early! Once changes are requested, new changes cannot be requested until your new mockups are ready for review. We recommend waiting until your team is aligned on feedback to submit changes.

πŸš€ Pro Tip: Download your mockups PDF to share it with the team!

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