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Automatically Add Shipping Credits
Automatically Add Shipping Credits

Automatically top up your SwagUp credit balance to ensure you never miss a shipment by always having a credit balance.

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Always running out of shipping credits? Are your Shopify orders not going through because of insufficient shipping credits? SwagUp makes it easy to add shipping credits to your account using Zapier!

Here's how it works:

  • Set up an account with Zapier (it's free for a basic plan) or log in to your Zapier account

  • Use our Template to begin setting up the Zap

  • In the Trigger section, you'll notice that we've set up the app and triggering event for you. You just need to select your account. The yellow alert will clear once you've selected the account you want to use.

  • Now, you'll set up the trigger. In this case, the trigger will be a specific credit balance in your SwagUp platform

  • Zapier will have you test the trigger connection. If you don't have a low credit balance, you'll see a button to skip the test and continue with sample data.

  • Zapier will then move the action section of the Zap. The app, event and account will carry over. Click "continue"

  • Set up your top up amount and payment method

  • Test the action!

  • If it comes back successfully, you can publish the Zap

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