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Packing Adjustments: Repacks
Packing Adjustments: Repacks

Can I change the contents of a pre-assembled pack?

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What's a repack?

Do you have an old pack in inventory that you would like to make an adjustment to? Not to worry! We are able to adjust a previously assembled pack by removing an item or items, swapping out an item or items or even breaking up a pack and moving all items into bulk inventory.

How do I request a repack?

Chat with us on our website to make a repack request! Let us know what pack you would like to adjust, the quantity you want to adjust, what item or items in the pack you would like to remove and/or swap out and what item you would like to add if you are making a swap.

How long does a repack take?

Depending on the request, repacks can take up to 6 weeks to complete. Please note that ordering a new item or items to add to a pack, will take the standard production time for a new order + 1-2 weeks to remove and reassemble the requested item(s).

What does a repack cost?

The cost of a repack will vary based on the number of packs being requested to repack. If you are ordering a new item to add or swap out, you would also be responsible for the cost of the new item(s) plus the cost to repack. A full list of repack pricing can be found here.

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