So you got beautiful swag packs and/or bulk swag on your hands and now you need a place to store it.

Good news: you don't have to put it in your car trunk or living room. Reclaim your office or home with our warehousing options.

If you don't need your Swag right away, we can warehouse all your items for you.

You'll get benefits like:

  • Automatic inventory tracking

  • A protected space specifically for your swag (no need to worry about curious eyes and hands, clutter, or losing an entire room to swag storage)

  • Easy shipping process for when you need the swag

What if I have swag from someone else? Can I still store it with you?

Of course! From swag packs to bulk items and conference banners, we can do it all, no matter how little or much it might be.

Note: Please request information from a Swag Expert to help us process any 3rd party swag items you have for storage.

Contact us to learn more about pricing and options available.

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