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Looking to restrict your redeem page link so that only your intended recipients can use it? SwagUp offers redeem page validations in the form of a unique URL for your redeem page. In this guide, we’ll go over how to set up unique URLs and how they work.

Important Definitions:

Redeem pages are custom-branded landing pages for swag recipient info collection

Auto-ship pages allow you to send swag automatically once the page is filled out. You must have inventory and shipping credits to use the auto-ship pages. This option is excellent for clients who want a hands-off approach for their swag projects

Collection pages allow you to gather sizes and the quantity of swag you will need for your use case prior to placing your order. This means that you will know your project's size before making any commitments to exact sizing distributions or quantities. Once inventory is ready, you can select all of your collected contacts in the shipments tab for easy distribution.

Setting up a Unique URL

Begin in the redeem tab of your dashboard

Select “View Details” on the redeem page card on which you want to set up validations.

Click “Share” at the top of the redeem details page

In the following pop up, select the “Unique URL” option

Enter the number of URLs you would like to generate. Each link will only be able to be used once. In this example, we need 10 separate links.

Click “Generate URLs”

The pop-up will disappear and 10 links will generate. If you need to add more unique URLs, simply click share in the top right corner again and add however many you need!

From here, simply click the link to copy it to your clipboard and send it to your intended swag recipients!

Using a Unique URL

When a user receives a URL, they’ll be taken to your redeem page so that they can fill out their information.

If you’ve set up the redeem page as an auto-ship page, this will initiate a shipment. If you’ve set up the redeem page as a collection page, the information will be stored as a contact in your Dashboard.

If the link has been used before or if you have deleted the link, the recipient will receive an error page when they attempt to redeem.

You can monitor the status of your redeem links using the redeem details page. If the recipient hasn’t redeemed their swag it will remain in “unredeemed”

Switching between Unique URLs and a Standard URL

If you’ve changed your mind and would prefer a standard URL, you can toggle between unique and standard URLs. Keep in mind that when you change the validations, your unique URLs will be deleted.

Click share on the redeem tab of your dashboard

Click the “standard URL” option on the resulting pop up

Another pop up will appear asking you to confirm your selection. When you toggle to a standard URL, your unique URLs will be deleted and recipients will no longer be able to use them.

👀Looking for more information about our redeem pages? Here's an introduction to the tool!

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